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Dr. Melanie Gartside


Dr. Melanie was born and raised in the small town of Breese, Illinois. She played volleyball throughout high school, helped out at her parents small business and also suffered with a severe case of Eczema since the age of 12. After bouncing from specialist to specialist for YEARS just to receive the same steriod creams, she was becoming desperate when told it was an "incurable disease" she would be stuck with for the rest of her life. Thankfully, a family friend referred her to a Doctor of Chiropractic that not only helped her body cure her Eczema but change the trajectory of her life and health forever. She was taught the true meaning of health and how it is expressed, shortly there after Dr. Melanie began attending the Logan College of Chiropractic. Through Max Living she learned to deliver key protocols that allow her patients to function at their full potential. After graduating Logan, Dr. Melanie dedicated another year of training to receive advanced certification in spinal correction, nutrition and detoxification.
Dr. Melanie has planted her roots here in NWA to continue her passion and help our community thrive towards TRUE health.

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Office Manager

As a mom of 4 kids, it seemed I was so focused on taking care of everyone else that I neglected myself. It's all so obvious now that I used food to distract me from my problems by using it as a coping mechanism while raising my family. It started as a "warning" to clean up my diet when I was pregnant with my first child. The doctors told me that gestational diabetes would turn into permanent diabetes if my diet didn't change. I would always do really well when pregnant and then resort back to my old habits after delivery. The denial of my eating pattern over the years caused my weight to balloon out of control reaching 210 lbs and the symptoms of diabetes to become more and more prevalent. The wake up call came when I sat in the Dr's office with my 10 year old daughter being told that she was now diagnosed with diabetes. My issues had been passed down to her since she learned her eating habits from me, I was providing the very poisons polluting her body that were polluting mine. She responded to it the same way I had.... as if it never happened at all! Something had to change because these kids were doing the very thing I was!! Super unmotivated, I leaned on my friends to support small changes. Less sugar meant less pain; I had no idea that the over-abundance of sugar/carbs caused my body to hurt especially getting out of bed in the mornings.
When I started working with Dr. Melanie, she taught me where all health and all healing begins. That my body could heal itself IF I would cooperate by giving it proper nutrition, adjustments and exercise. I was amazed at how little I truly knew about how my body functions especially with conflicting information being given at every turn. She certainly has given me the tools to build a new foundation for life and living. As I began to reclaim my life, the effects of these actions has reached others in amazing ways. I am a lifetime student dedicated to learning, growing and implementing the building blocks of this new lifestyle. I'm grateful to be one of the many success stories of the principles of InVision Family Chiropractic and MaxLiving.


Office Assistant

Amber grew up on a very unstable foundation of health, constantly eating foods with no nutritional value led her to eat large amounts just to feel "satisfied" throughout the day. Growing up overweight led her down a slippery slope of self-esteem issues, unnecessary sickness/suffering, lack of physical activity and a perfect environment to brew disease. When Amber made it to InVision she found out her spine was in pretty bad shape for a 19 yr old who had never been in a car wreck, had a traumatic injury or been involved in sports. The X-ray review revealed the answers to her sleepless nights and sessions on the floor to get relief from her back pain; an unnatural curve in her upper back was close to Scoliosis, uneven hips, and a 50% loss of the proper curve in her Cervical spine were the culprit. A combination of these issues, unknowing of how her body worked brought about an extra 55lbs of extra weight, a wrecked digestive system and the unnatural misalignment's in her spine.. there was plenty of work to be done!
Dr. Melanie started her healing process with the knowledge of proper nutrition and an aggressive approach plan for spinal correction. After just a couple of weeks in the office Amber noticed multiple changes in her body and also in her mood/mindset. Fast forward 4 years... she's down to her lowest weight, has a perfect spine, feel's strong in her body and with her life and is now training to become a Licensed Massage Therapist to help patients further their healing.




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